Our Services


We are a full service Real Estate Sales & Lending firm. The unique benefit that we offer is the ability to completely manage each transaction from end to end by giving you the Roadmap to Homeownership.
This allows us to quickly qualify, approve, secure, and close on our homes in the most efficient manner possible. We save our clients time and money while showing them the limitless possibilities of the homebuying & wealth creation process. 

    Catalyst has a success rate in selling 100% of our listings within our contractually obligated listing period.
    Our agents are highly trained cream of the crop professionals that operate in the highest level of integrity with access to proprietary tools to provide you the most knowledge to ensure you're making the best decision for you.
    We have the best creative marketing strategies to get you the highest value for your property in the lowest amount of time possible. 
    Our team consists of highly trained, highly skilled expert negotiators that will get you the best deal for your home.
  • TEAM
    Between our administrative staff, transaction coordinator, buyer & selling agents, our team of agents are working around the clock to get your home sold and answer any questions you may have about the transaction.
    We are a direct lender through Carter Financial Solutions, offering the BEST rates in the industry. Our full-service company means that we can control the integrity of the transaction by ensuring that our clients are fully vetted and qualified, and we meet all deadlines with a 100% close success rate.